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In the 21st century, more than ever, clothing has evolved into a means of communication. When you stand in front of your wardrobe in the morning, snatch a dress or shirt and skirt pulling it on without really giving it any thought, you haven’t made a deliberate choice. You probably won’t be making a statement or showing your best side.

By making a conscious choice, you’ll attract certain people, a target audience or group, in the same way a magazine draws readers with its cover and headlines. If the content is impressive, then the packaging should be equally compelling, or it will never sell.

Ladies tailored suits to fit your personality

While ready-to-wear clothing may allow you to be yourself, to tell your story, you sometimes have to look long and far to find precisely the apparel that fits the entire you. For Suitmeup womens tailored suits, however, you need only one address, and picking the right style is easy.

Suitmeup is your personal online tailor for bespoke womens suits. We mean “personal” in every sense of the word: you’ll have the experience of internationally renowned tailors at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter if you’re at the office, and browsing our pages during a lunch break, or if it’s the middle of the night, we’re by your side. Choosing your favourite design from our supply of custom-made womens suits is easy, and enjoyable.

A plethora of choices in just a few clicks

Do you need only a jacket and shirt, a skirt, pants, or are you looking for a three-piece suit? Our revolutionary suit builder is your trusted companion to create the perfect attire for you. Notched, peaked or shawl lapels? Hip pockets or breast pockets? How many sleeve buttons? It’s all up to you. Our interactive tool allows you to experiment at leisure with the different options. You’ll see the result immediately in the preview. If you have something slightly, or even completely different in mind, contact us, and show us a drawing or a picture. We will gladly design it for you.

Then follows the best part, choosing the fabric. You’ll have more than 150 high-quality fabrics at your disposal. Wool, Australian Merino, kid mohair, cashmere or others are used or combined to create crisp but featherlight and smooth materials that will never discolour or fade but offers longevity.

We admit we’re also particularly proud of our delivery period: in only three weeks you will hold your new suit in your hands and run your fingers over the fabric. You’ll find it durable but comfortable, light, and silky-soft. Your new suit will fit you like a glove and clearly communicate who you are. With a suit from Suitmeup, making the perfect first impression is simple.