The song may be titled “Here Comes the Bride,” however, the groom and groomsmen’s appearance are equally important. No bride wants to look her best with a poorly dressed supporting cast. Plus, we know you want confidence in your style as well as comfort throughout the event.

Weddings are special celebrations that involve planning and commitment. Suitmeup is more than your tailor, we are a partner, working with you to provide the exact level of customisation you desire for the cut and style suit that fits your need. Plus, with our online service, the entire wedding party can order their customised suits from the comfort of their own home, getting the same style and colour but with the personal touches that will guarantee each looks their best. If you have something special in mind for the big day, send us a photo, and we will help you design custom wedding suits that fit your exact specifications.

There is no reason why anyone should settle for an uncomfortable suit. We only need three weeks to fashion your tailored, custom wedding suits. An outfit that matches your unique style and can wear with distinction for years. The quality provides lasting value, and our guarantee ensures a perfect fit or we will alter your suit for free or send you a new one.

Our suits are made to measure, it only takes 10 minutes and a friend to help, with the detailed instructions. Why spend a lot of money renting, when for a comparable cost you could own a bespoke suit exclusive to you.