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In Australia, many retail shop owners boast that they offer plus sizes. However, when you enter the premises and take a look at the dresses, skirts, and pants, you usually discover that some people consider size 14 to be a plus size. Others will have a collection which includes sizes up to 20, but rare are the retailers where you can find a 26 or bigger.

As if this isn’t bad enough, these designs are usually made with the slim to ultra-slim in mind. They won’t make your legs look longer, define your waist, or balance your hips. If you do find something which fits your body, the style is hopelessly passé and just doesn’t say, ‘ultimate professional.’

Don’t give up hope of finding clothes to make you look sharp, even if you’re a bit taller, shorter, or rounder than average. At Suitmeup, we offer plus size womens suits for any plus size, and we really mean it too. Click our suit builder for a shirt, pants, skirt or an entire suit. You’ll discover there are no sizes; no 14, no 26, not even a 32. Don’t be surprised. In our online tailor shop, there is only one size: yours.

All you need to do is choose the design which pleases you most, with as many details as you desire, in your preferred fabric and colour. Do you have something in mind which differs from the plus size womens suits we offer? Contact us, and send us a picture. There is nothing our team of experienced and world-renowned tailors cannot do.