What is the difference between a high quality and lower quality suit? Why should you get a fitted suit? Is it difficult to get a custom made suit? These are just a few questions you may have related to finding high quality tailor made suits in Melbourne.

When buying a men’s or women’s suit, you want first to consider its primary use. Once you have found the appropriate suit, you will want it fitted. For a good suit to help you reach full potential, it needs some tailoring. A high quality suit should be handmade to your specifications and measurements. It will feel good on your body and move with you, not restrict your movement. Lastly, it should be breathable; a custom design will have more space for movement, between the fabric layers, providing a comfortable fit every time it’s worn.

In a store, to determine suit quality, you would look for stitching vs. large swaths of glued fabric. The larger fabric pieces indicate it was more likely a factory construction than a made-to-order piece. Additionally, the label does not tell the whole story, numerous well-known brands have a non-customised suit product. You can buy and wear a suit off the rack. However, it will not have the same look and feel as the custom model. We only sell tailor made suits, created to look and feel good on your body.

Suitmeup’s top priority is that your suit makes you feel great. We work hard to provide fashionable options for corporate, formal, and casual events that are not dated or boring. Create your tailor made suits in Melbourne today.