If you’ve ever ordered a custom suit before, you know there’s a deep tradition of how these things are done. A trip to the tailor, re-fittings and shipping things back and forth, and of course, spending lots of time looking over different options to figure out what’s closest to the design you’re picturing for your new custom double breasted suit. While some traditions are deeply held for a good reason, and it’s important to keep them alive, this is one that has passed its prime. Today, there’s a new way to buy suits, which is more convenient, more straightforward, and more in touch with your personal style than the old-fashioned way.

So, if you’re looking for a bespoke custom double breasted suit, don’t spend your time looking around physical showrooms when you can do all this and more right from your own computer. At Suitmeup, we’ve developed an online suit design system that allows us to deliver made-to-order tailored suits, such as a custom double breasted suit if that’s what you’re looking for, in no time at all. Once you’re done designing a brand new suit just to your liking, we’ll ship it out to you — for free if the order cost is over $100 — and get it there in three weeks or less.

If you find anything wrong with it, or not to your specifications, just send it back, and we’ll take care of any alterations, re-fittings, and updates for free. We know that the suit you’re in is essential to the impressions you make, so we want to help you find the perfect suit for you, not just some version of the same thing everyone’s wearing. Get in touch with Suitmeup today to start designing your next tailored suit.