View our women’s suit collection for our existing styles or use our “design” your own” tool to create your own.

If only every Australian woman could have the same height, weight, and body build! That would make it so much easier to buy clothes. Retail owners do their best to offer ready-to-wear products in a variety of sizes, but a lovely women’s suit jacket will usually be either too short or too long, too narrow or too wide. If you happen to be lucky to find something after a long search, the colour may not be exactly right, the fabric may look flimsy, or the price may take your breath away.

Finding the custom womens blazer that fits you perfectly is easy on the Suitmeup website. Our base range offers many designs for both formal and casual occasions, but our suit builder will delight you. Let a friend help you take your measurements. All you need to do is enter them into the tool and see your custom womens blazer take shape in the preview window. We’ve thought of every little detail down to the number of buttons on your sleeves. If you are uncertain about individual elements, or if you have a question, we’re happy to help you with the information you need.

You can also use our suit builder to order tailored shirts, skirts, pants, or waistcoats to match. Again, you may be surprised, but this time because you’ll discover that our prices are very affordable, especially considering the high-quality material we use and the experience we offer. Three weeks later your custom womens blazer will be there. Not satisfied? It’s unlikely, but we offer a fit guarantee. With a Suitmeup item, there’s no such thing as a disappointment.