Suitmeup offers you custom made blazers without the hassle of going to the tailor to get measured. Instead, you have a friend or family member complete your measurements, and you choose the styles and fabric online. Once you finish your order, your bespoke blazer will arrive at your door within three weeks.

Difference Between Mens Custom Blazers, Sports Coats, and Suit Jackets

Many people use blazers, sports coats, and suit jackets interchangeably but there are differences between them. Suit jackets are the most formal of the three. The formality is due to simplicity and they are usually devoid of fancy pockets and extraneous details. It has a slimmer fit, and it is not meant for wearing over many layers.

Suit jackets accompany a matching pair of trousers made from the same material at the same time. They are intended for wearing as an ensemble, but it may be tempting to wear a suit jacket to dress up jeans or with a pair of khakis, however, is best avoided. Because the same material is used for the complete suit, uneven wear will cause a noticeable difference between the trousers and jacket.

A bespoke blazer is similar to a suit jacket in style but doesn’t include matching trousers. Blazers also tend to have a looser fit through the shoulders and waist. They often have buttons that are more of a focal point than on a suit jacket such as silver or gold coloured ones. Mens custom blazers are an excellent choice for events where you need to dress up but not as formally as where a suit is required.

Sports coats derive their name from historically being worn by sporting men. They have a looser fit so they can be coupled with a sweater. The fabrics are more rugged than those in suit jackets such as tweeds and Donegal. Sports coats are the least formal and should never be worn at events that require the formality of a suit. However, they are versatile in the way they can be worn casually with jeans or as more dressy attire similar to a blazer.

Convenient Bespoke Blazer Ordering

A tailored blazer makes ideal business attire where there is an air of formality, but suits are not required every day. View our gallery to get inspiration from our corporate-friendly looks. As you browse, you’ll notice how custom made blazers look sharp whether paired with matching pants or jeans.

Some people may be apprehensive about ordering a tailored blazer online, but you can be confident of receiving a jacket that is just right for you. We offer a perfect fit guarantee which means we will alter it for free or send you a new one if you are not happy with the fit.

If you have any questions about taking measurements or about choosing styles and fabrics for mens custom blazers, please contact Suitmeup. Our knowledgeable staff will help you design a tailored blazer for your needs.