Looking your best allows you to feel even better; that’s just a fact. How you dress can have a noticeable impact not only on your own confidence levels but also on the impression you give off to others as well. Sharp custom tailored suits are the hallmark of the man who knows just what he wants and how to get it, too. Whether you’re walking in early for a high-powered business meeting or you’re meeting with clients outside the office for a more casual discussion, the clothes you wear matter and make a difference. With your busy life, though, do you often find it a challenge to make space in your schedule for refreshing your wardrobe?

Spending all day with a tailor is a time-consuming affair, and it can be frustrating, even when you know the custom fit suits the process yields are worth the effort. What if you could order bespoke suits online instead? Skip the lengthy appointment and take matters into your own hands with Suitmeup. Here we offer an innovative approach to tailoring that enables you to take your own measurements, submit your preferences to our experienced tailors, and receive a bespoke suit that fits you like a glove in just three weeks. How do we do make it happen?

Look good on your terms with made to measure suits

It all starts with our suit designing suite available right here on our site. Before you get started, we suggest you ask a friend or your partner to assist you in making the measurements. Though the process is straightforward, an extra pair of hands will make each step much more straightforward and help you to gather the best measurements. With the right dimensions, we can create the made to measure suits you’ve always wanted. With simple video tutorials and clearly worded guides on how to take each measurement, you’ll have much of what you need in no time.

After that, it’s all about choosing the options you love best. Do you want a traditional suit, or do you require a 3-piece outfit with a waistcoat for a function? Shop by individual suit components when you only need one or two tailored items. We have many style options, too, from slim fits to looser cuts in both single and double-breasted. Select your lapel style, then move on to our extraordinarily range of fabric types and colour options—which allows our clients to order a truly bespoke product that aligns with your tastes. If you prefer alternative fabric colours or design options please simply ask our team who can assist you further. When you’re ready, place your order and sit back — we’ll get to work right away.

Start the process with Suitmeup now

We want to ensure everyone who shops with us walks out their front door feeling like a million dollars, pleased with the results. Our perfect fit guarantee ensures we’ll always make things right when your fit isn’t exactly what you wanted. Get started now using the link above, or contact us with questions.