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Wedding Suit Hire: 4 Reasons Not to Do It

If you’re thinking of hiring a suit for your upcoming wedding, we have a much better option for you.  

Buying a tailored wedding suit is the far better option for four simple reasonsquality, fit, convenience and value.

But first, a simple challenge for you: Search around the internet for suit hire companies, and find a price. 


Not as easy as it sounds, is it?  Hire companies have a habit of quoting an ‘indicative’ price, which will invariably be the lowest quality item they have, and telling you to find more price information ‘in store’. 

The simple reason they want to do this is that once you’re in the store, it’s harder for you to say no when you find out how much they charge to hire the suit you actually want.

On 30 April 2013, we performed a survey of major suit hire companies in Australia for the hire price of a standard wedding suit.  The cheapest-priced hire of a decent suit (i.e. with silk lapels and silk top pocket and in 100% wool fabric) was $197.50.  We won’t tell you what the most expensive was, because you’d think that was self-serving (but you get the idea).

When $200 is the base price of a decent hire suit, you have to wonder what you’re getting for the money; it’s not going to be a shiny new suit, most likely. 

So here are our four top reasons not to hire your wedding suit:


Hire suits are made for durability, often at the expense of comfort and, to an extent, appearance. 

If your suit was going to be at 3 weddings a week for 6 months, you would want it to last too! 

But of course, you are only going to get married once, and you want to do it right.  Nobody wants to get married in a polyester blend suit that will have you sweating all day and night (especially if you’re getting married in summer – eww), and you surely don’t want to run the risk that your suit will arrive with pilling, de-stitching, fading or stains.

How many other people have been married in that suit?  How many beers spilled on the pants? How much make-up rubbed onto the collar?

You’re getting married – treat yourself to a crisp, new, unsoiled wedding suit!


Hire companies, just like clothes stores, work on average sizes. 

When you hire a suit, the store will take a couple of measurements and find the suit that is the closest to your size. 

What they won’t do is create a suit to fit you.  And that’s a big difference.  Did you know 70% of the population has one arm 0.5cm longer than the other? 

What if your waist is not proportionate to your legs? Do you go for the bigger pants (that drag on the floor) or the smaller pants (that will get uncomfortable with all the reception feasting)?  Not to mention the photos – if your arm length means you need a jacket with too-wide shoulders, you could end up looking like Prince in your wedding photos (which may suit some people, but we expect not most).

For the most important day of your life, you should at least make sure your clothes fit you – these are the photos you’re going to look back on and smile for decades to come. 

A sharp, well-fitting tailored wedding suit never goes out of style.


Hire suits bring with them a tight schedule. 

There’s the pick-up day (usually 1-2 days prior to the wedding) and the drop off day (usually the day after the wedding). 

Now who wants to worrying about THAT so close to their big day?  And what if something goes wrong?

Imagine this: You’ve hired a suit, which arrives at the shop in time.  But upon inspection, you notice a mark on the shoulder that requires substitution of the jacket.  What if the store doesn’t have that jacket in stock?  It’s not in their interest, after all, to carry large amounts of stock.  You don’t want to be left self-conscious at your own wedding because of a shop’s poor quality control.

And then, after your wedding, somebody has to return the suit to the shop of you’ve got to pay a hefty late fee – not what you need to be worrying about on the first day of your honeymoon.  And what happens if you do damage it?  You could be hit with a crazy repair or replacement bill, as you’ll have to pay the ‘retail’ price to that company.


Does the saying “you get what you pay for” really apply to the hire suit business? 

Hire companies have huge overheads – they have networks of stores, hundreds of staff salaries, websites, advertising, repairs and a bunch of other costs that are factored into the cost of hiring your suit.  Why should you pay for all of this?

To us, the choice is easy. 


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