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Understanding Shirt Collars & What Suits You

So you want to design yourself a tailored shirt to fit you, though you have no idea where to start when it comes to shirt collars.

Never fear though, in this post I am going to cover a few types of shirt collars for you and what occasion or events these types of collars are best for. For example when and where you should wear shirts with different types of shirt collars.

This will help you to understand what shirt collars you would like when buying or designing your next shirt for work, leisure, weddings and ect.

1. Small Pointed / Spread Collar

Of all the shirt collars the small pointed or spread collar is the most common or should I say popular. This shirt collar can be worn with or without a tie. The collar comes in many varieties from different angles, points or spreads. Which is the distance between the collar points.

The small pointed collar or spread collar is suitable for almost any occasion being work, dinner parties, cocktail dress events, weddings and the list is endless.

2. Cutaway Collar

Just as the name suggest, this shirt collar looks as though part of the collar has been ‘cutaway’. This is one of those shirt collars you need to wear a tie with as it simply looks strange without one. The most popular types of tie to wear with this type of cutaway collar are ties tied with a large knot covering the wide spread of the collar.

A cutaway collared shirt is more of a fashionable look and can be worn anywhere from red carpets even to conferences and boardrooms.

3. Round Collar

The round collar is a styled type of collar coming from the old English boarding school look where they used this to distinguish their students from other schools. This is an old school style in every aspect but is starting to become more trendy where this type of shirt collar can be worn without a tie.

Most shirts like this are seen worn as casual shirts and are not so much of a business look.

4. Wingtip Collar

A winged collar provides the image of the golden era of menswear clothing. Where the most common place to see the wingtip collar is at weddings or when wearing a tuxedo suit as the winged collar suits this style well.

Not as popular as many of the other shirt collars, the wingtip collar shirt should be worn with a tie and is mostly only worn at formal events with a suit.

For a more in depth insight to a particular collar you may be looking at getting on a shirt, please feel free to contact us where we can help you with our professional opinion.

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