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Suiting Up For Your Body Type – What Fits Best?

Everybody’s body is different and suiting up for your body type is very important if you want to be looking your utmost best. That could mean getting your suit shape and style right for any occasion being formal, casual, interviews of for dates we have you covered in this post.

Suiting up for your body is going to help you look good no matter what your body shape is. That is why having tailored your clothes is best, because you have something that is designed to fit your body shape and not everybody else’s like those off the rack garments.

Tall Timbers

Now if you are on the taller side, for example anything from 6 feet and over. A longer cuff is needed and an extra inch or more won’t go astray. By adding this to your design it will show that your suit is in proportion with your height.

Since you are tall also you want to ensure that your shirts are long enough to be tucked in, even if you are not wearing them tucked in either. You don’t want to be wearing something that looks like it has shrunk in the wash; this only looks cheap and tacky. Which is certainly not suiting up to your body type at all when wearing shirts too short for your torso.

Skinny Bodies

For the skinner body type, you want to show this off by buttoning up your jacket. And just because you have a trim physique does not mean you can flag having a nicely tailored suit. Because most off the rack suits will fit in one section around your body but will gulp up your arms and waist making you look boxy and unstable. To avoid this asking for narrower sleeves and a slim fit suit will have you looking sharper than ever.

Shorter Lads

Without having a lot of height having no pant break can give you that extra bit of height. We also suggest going for a suit or shirt with vertical stripes can help with an elevated appearance. Going for a pinstriped suit or even a vertically striped shirt will help, but never together. That would just look silly and would almost look like you are suiting up for your body type too much.

When having your jacket tailored too, make sure it’s length is just right as an extra inch on your jacket can make you look an inch shorter. Having the length of your jacket and pants correct is crucial which is why having tailored garments are best.

Stocky Sailors

If you have a solid and stock build again wearing pinstripes can stretch our your build and make you appear longer. When you have your suit tailored also ask the tailor to be easy on the pants but never let them be a baggy style or cut. Leaving room for your thighs and then tapering the pants in from the knees down will look best for your build. Having no hem on your pants with also no pant break is something you should opt for too.

Solid Upper body

If you have more of an athletic upper body and square shoulders, going for the double breasted suit style can look really good. Although the double breasted jacket can allow the upper body to look bulky, however asking your tailor to keep a slim fit approach to the suit will help it to suit beautifully on the body.

Going for a darker coloured suit for the double breasted option and keeping it slightly unstructured to allow your body to do the supporting of the suit. If you too have quite square shoulders asking the tailor for natural shoulders without big pads will be better for your body shape.

Bigger Belly

Suiting up for your body type when your belly is a bit bigger is best done by avoiding the double-breasted suit. This helps to prevent bulkiness in that area. Instead going for the two button single-breasted suit is a better and more streamlined choice in suit for this body shape.

Talking With Your Tailor

Don’t know what to order, that is fine. Simply be sure to talk to your tailor. We are always happy to help with your options when suiting up and can give the best advice for your body type If you are still a little uncertain for what may look best.

So whether you want to go an start designing your own suit now you can do so here or if you still have further questions before order, be sure to contact us here and we can help to answer your queries.

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