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Pick Stitching – Should you add it to your next suit?

Pick stitching could be the difference between an average suit and a great suit. But is it the right choice for you?

Hand stitching is recognisable as large, deliberate stitching in a contrasting colour that runs along the lapel, around the pocket flaps, and sometimes as detailing on the breast pocket of a tailored suit. This subtle detailing can either be hand stitched or machine made. To the trained eye, a hand stitch can be distinguished by its slight inaccuracies in both the stitch length and alignment, whereas machine stitching has a more uniform look.

Hand stitching is a true art, whereas machine pick stitching can come across as an attempt to make an average suit look handmade. When it comes to improving the quality and sophistication of your suit, hand stitching is the way to go.

This subtle detailing can be a great way to bring a unique look to any outfit. However, fashion consultant Phil Graham warns that you need to be careful when considering pick stitching. “While this type of stitching can be a fun way to individualise, it’s not as formal for the business environment as a traditional design – so you need to be conscious of your surroundings. Having said that, this rule applies more to men’s suits than women’s as they typically have more latitude to accessorise their outfit.”

So if it’s not appropriate for the boardroom, then when should you don this fashionable upgrade? A custom tailored suit is the perfect look for formal events such as weddings and charity balls, social outings like the races, or even just a night out on the town. Pair it with your favourite pair of brogues and some quirky cuff links and you’ll be dressed to impress.

Pick stitching takes your suit to the next level and amps up your whole look without being too obvious. “The beauty of the pick stitch design is that it’s a way to say to people look at me, I’m wearing a quality piece of clothing here, without having to stick the label in their face,” says Phil Graham.

The possibilities are really endless. Have some fun with it! Even if it’s just a subtle addition, this detail will take your suit to the next level, with quality, distinction and sophistication.

Suit Me Up offers hand pick stitching to customise your favourite tailored suits. If design isn’t your strong suit, we can handle all of the details, from matching the thread colour to advising the best location for maximum impact.

Contact us today to look your understated best in any event.

How to add pick stitching to your order.

When using the “Design Your Own” tool you can select Pick Stitching in Step 4 – Refinement.

The options available are:

– Pick Stitching and Piping (External)
– Pick Stitching and Piping (Jacket – Internal)

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