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What Does ‘Bespoke’ Really Mean, Anyway?

You’ll no doubt have seen the word bandied about by suitmakers and sellers, but what is it to have a true bespoke suit? 

Bespoke Definition

The Oxford English dictionary is unhelpful, with the bespoke definition “Made to order”.  We think it means far more than this. The term bespoke has of late conflated with tailored or made to measure in the fashion world – that is, a garment that is handmade to fit you all over. 


Beyond the bespoke definition, what are the characteristics of a bespoke suit? 

Some characteristics of a traditional bespoke suit, such as hand-stitching buttonholes, have rightly been improved upon by modern technology. 

Similarly, you can achieve better angles designing a suit on a computer screen than you can with paper and pen.  However, the essential elements of bespoke tailoring have remained in this modern era, and we embrace these principles wholeheartedly at SuitMeUp.

Starting from Scratch

First, the suit must be cut and constructed with you in mind. 

A true bespoke suit is cut from your measurements and with you in mind – not from a block and altered to fit you. 

All our suits start at the ‘blue pencil’ stage – that is, a bolt of fabric laid out and your specific measurements used to draw an individual design for your suit.  Your suit is then cut out by hand and, with a combination of machine and hand stitching, brought together in the expert hands of our tailors.

This process allows us to ensure both a consistent, high, quality and the flexibility to make any changes to the design that you require, as your suit is being built

This also opens up a cornucopia of potential options for your suit – far and away above that of a standard ‘tailored suit’ that does not adhere to the basic principles of bespoke tailoring.

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