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6 Top Tips Every Groom Must Know!

This is going to be one of the biggest and best days of your life, meaning there will be some tips every groom must know to follow to ensure the day runs silky smooth.

These are tips every groom must know to also ensure that you set the foundations for an ever lasting and amazing marriage between you both. So take notes, and get to work on those things you should already be planning.

1. Be Supportive

Planning a wedding is tough! You also can’t help to make every single last little decision, so being supportive of some of the things that happened on the wedding day or even prior is key.

There is a great reason this is one of the top tips every groom must know as you don’t want to be that guy complaining about something you didn’t like, want or care about before during or after the wedding. This is only going to create tension you don’t want, which essentially is not a way to begin your marriage. After all the best groom and husband is the one who shows the most support. Sure it’s cheesy but, Support = Love.

2. Buy Gifts

Although the suit you won’t be wearing on your special day is not going to be a santa suit, it’s still time to start shopping around and buying not just your beautiful fiancé a surprise wedding gift to give before the big day. But also a gift to your parents and hers for not only all the support during the planning of the wedding but the life long support they have provided you both whilst growing up.

The secret to living is giving and by presenting gifts to the most important people who helped with the wedding is only going to lift the love and spirits of all to make the big day that much more special.

3. Plan The Honeymoon Together

One of these sure fire tips every groom must know but can get lazy with is planning the honeymoon together. This is super important because you both want to create a list of things you both want for the honeymoon.

For example location, accommodation, how far or close to home. Will it be tropical or in the mountains and what is the budget? Planning every part of the honeymoon together allows you both to thoroughly enjoy it as much as each other company. You don’t want your first trip away together as newly weds to be something one person didn’t enjoy.

4. Be Happy & Involved

During the whole planning of the wedding up until and even during the wedding day, the best groom is one which is happy and involved in everything to make it all run according to plan.

Often there may be set backs but take that in your stride, remember being supportive is apart of one of these tips every groom must know too! So combining your supportiveness with being involved and most importantly happy can only spread good vibes and love for the duration of the wedding. From planning to arriving home from your honeymoon.

5. Be Mr. Romantic

Yes even if you are not, no especially if you are not. Be romantic! She will remember this forever and it will help to be best day of her life, you certainly won’t regret it.

Tips to being romantic is above all politeness, loving, caring, patient and respectful. Being Mr. Romantic doesn’t mean just being there but also creating special dates before the wedding to talk about it and plan, or taking your fiancé on a pre wedding date to celebrate all the planning you have accomplished.

Little things on the day help a lot too by showing your love and affection in front of both your family and friends. You bride will be very flattered and it will help to make your day that much more special.

6. Pick A Suit That Suits The Wedding Style

Obviously one of the key tips every groom must know is to ensure your wedding suit matches the style of the wedding. Which doesn’t just mean having the right colour but also the right cuts, and decorations for your suit, from tie, cufflinks and pocket square/decoration/flower.

If you need further help with planning your wedding suit along with getting the right colour, be sure to either contact us for help or speak to your wedding suit tailor.

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