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6 Men’s Tailored Blazer Styles

6 Men’s Tailored Blazer Styles  

With fashion ever changing there are always great new and even some old men’s tailored blazer styles you have to choose from. These styles can be worn at different occasions according to how formal, semi-formal or casual the event is.

There is one thing for certain though, and that is you can get any styled men’s tailored blazer for any event at all. Since the men’s tailored blazer can be dressed up, dressed down, look professional or as casual as you may like. So lets get started explaining the 6 blazer styles you should consider.

1. Bright

The bright tailored men’s blazer really makes a statement and is super fun to wear. Usually there are two different types of bright blazers. One being the lighter pastel type colours which are best suited for day time functions like the spring races, luncheons or cocktail and pool parties.

The other type of bright blazers are slightly darker than the pastels. Although still quite lively (like some light bright blues, greens and reds) and these blazers are best for night time functions or parties.

When wearing a bright blazer though, usually it is best to mix the blazer with a neutral coloured pair of pants; either trousers or chinos work well.

2. Structured

The best men’s tailored blazer in our opinion is the structured blazer, which consists of a snug fit being close to the body to maximize shape and show off the specific cuts of the blazer.

These structured blazers are a very sharp and sophisticated look, which go well with any lapel style. Usually the structured blazer will look modest and stylish with marginal details.

3. Un-Structured

The Un-Structured tailored men’s blazer just as you would have guessed is quite the opposite of the structured. Being more of an artsy and casual blazer, which is designed to fit the body but generally holds far less shape.

The un-structured blazer will still sit well on the shoulders however holds not much shape from the shoulders down being a more relaxed and chilled fit. Better for those casual occasions or to wear about town.

4. Single Breasted

This blazer is a well rounded tailored men’s blazer that can be worn to almost any event, from dinner with friends and family, to meetings with business partners, clients or colleagues.

This blazer can be in between structured and un-structured although always looks far more profession the more structured it is, fiting the body nicely boasting it’s cuts and sleek design.

5. Double Breasted

Many people don’t know how to feel about the double-breasted blazer. As it really is an out of the box style which not too many people can carry with confidence.

The double-breasted blazer is something different that can be trendy and still look amazing when dressed down in a pair of chinos. Many people may say the double breasted blazer is out, although it still gets a lot of great attention when worn to events.

6. The Fabric

The fabric is not a certain style of blazer although the fabric you choose will have a lot to say about how the blazer. From when it should be worn all the way down to how it will sit and look on the body.

You could choose a linen style fabric for the summer months, as it is far lighter allowing the fabric to breathe. Or for something a little classier is cotton, which still breathes however holds its shape much better giving a more professional look than linen.

Wool though is obviously by far the best fabric for a blazer, being naturally light and also warm when you need it during the winter months. This type of fabric for a blazer is perfect for work wear and formal occasions as it is able to hold it’s shape well.

When choosing your men’s tailored blazer style there is a lot to consider. By now though understanding what you are going to be using the blazer for will help you to eliminate all the styles you don’t need allowing you to choose the perfect style blazer for the occasions you will be wearing it for.

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