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4 Steps To Choosing A Mens Custom Suit Online

The way the world is taking to technology these days everybody is ordering their mens custom suits online and for good reason! It’s cheaper, and delivered faster.

Though when ordering your mens customer suits online there are always a few things you you want to think about first in order to ensure you are actually ordering the perfect suit for you.

Which is why we would like to quickly cover for you 4 important steps to choosing and designing your mens custom tailore suits online.

1. Occasion

Before you even start designing your suit take a step back and think about what you really need this suit for. Is it for work or business? Maybe it is for black tie events, a wedding, the spring races or just a casual suit you would like to wear to dinner parties.

Making sure you know what the occasion will be for wearing your suit will help you to chose the right type of suit for that event.

2. Colour

For obvious reasons, when designing your mens custom suits online having the right coulour is very important. Which is why you want to know what occasion the suit is for too.

We suggest choosing lighter colours like light grey, navy and sometimes charcoal for office suits and more formal suits are generally a darker colour. Wearing a casual suit you can expirement more so with these types of suits and choosing a colour that best suits you would be a wise move.

3. Style

Now that you know when and where you want to wear your suit and you have the colour choice sorted. Choosing the style of your suit is something you want to pay close attention too as there are so many things to consider from the lapel, pockets, the amount of buttons you would like, back vents, the style of pants and the list goes on.

When designing your mens custom suits online, take your time to view all the options and create something that is completely tailored to your tastes.

4. Detailing

Last but not least is adding details to the suit, which is normally done to more formal suits for weddings and black tie events although detailing any suit makes the suit pop out more and really says a lot about the way you like to dress.

Detailing can be anything from inside embroidery to suit linings, satin lapels or pocket linings and even pick stitching with pocket detailing.

The cool thing about detailing a suit is you can go as fancy or traditional as you like. This is the biggest perk of ordering your own custom mens tailored suit online as you can tailor the whole suit to your tastes.

So when it comes time to designing your suit online, be sure to go through these 4 steps carefully to ensure you are designing the perfect suit of you. If of course you have any questions about suits or designing and order, please be sure to contact us where we can help you further.

Get 10% Off Your First Order

Offer Ends Soon - Limited Time Only!
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