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5 Female Suit Styles – Which Ones For You?

It can be a whole new world when it comes time as a women to wear a suit and finding the right female suit styles that you like best is important.

The reason it is important for you to know which female suit styles you like is because you want to wear your suit with confidence and project professionalism and poise. By knowing a few different female suit styles before it comes time to buy your own will really help you to know what is the right choice for you.

Three Piece Suit

If you are more of a stylist and like a bit of variety in your dresser than the three piece suit is the perfect option for you. Having a three piece suit is one of those female suit styles that you can dress up and down as much as you please. Consisting of either trousers, waistcoat and jacket or a skirt, waistcoat and jacket you can wear them all as one piece or mix and match them with other garments from your wardrobe. The benefit to going with this female suit style is that it’s cheaper to buy a three piece suit rather than each garment separately.

Skirt Suit

This is one of those female suit styles which is more modern where the suit consists of a skirt and jacket rather than the more tradition suit style of trousers and a jacket. The Skirt and suit look allows you to boast a professional look whilst keeping feminine and sophisticated.

Trouser Suit

The more traditional of the female suit styles is replicating the mens style of a classic pair of trousers and a jacket. Though this style or tailored suit is more generic it never goes out of fashion and a beautifully made tailored suit (trousers and jacket), always looks elegant when worn by women.

Business-Casual Suit

The Business or Casual female suit styles is where you start to differ the fabric styles you choose from. By going with the darker fabrics in a suit this style is more business than casual, where as the lighter fabrics like light grey are a more office and casual style suit for women.

Evening Suit

Not all female suit styles are for work occasions, you can get a nice tailored dinner suit for weddings, parties, dinners or attending special occasions. The greatest difference in a evening suit is that s generally has more detailing. For example satin lapels or trimmings, with possible pick stitching, ruffling and other delicate detailing.

As you can see when it comes time to chose among the perfect female suit styles for yourself, you can go for as casual or as professional as you like. Remember though keeping your options open allows you to dress your suit styles up and down according to the occasion.

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