As more and more people turn to the internet, so do the amount of customers buying tailored shirts online.

The question though is, why are people turning to buying tailored shirts online versus buying them in stores?

In this post today I am going to provide as much of a non biased opinion as possible and allow you to weigh up the pros and cons for buying tailored shirts online as apposed to in stores.

Lets first look at buying your business and leisure shirts in stores covering the pros first followed by the cons. There is no doubt that when buying your shirts from stores you can go in and try them on. You get to look at the fabrics, touch them and feel them right. Last but not least you have the advantage of trying them on.

However when buying a shirt from a store you are subject to buying something that may not fit you exactly as you would like. The reason for this is because the shirts you buy from stores are one size fits all shirts made to fit the average of many people. Meaning you have to choose between the average range of shirts which may not fit you as specifically as they should.

So it is easy to see, touch and feel the shirts before buying which really is helpful, though the downside is the fit, which also depends on your body shape.

Now lets take a look at buying tailored shirts online as apposed to buying them from stores. We must admit the big downfall to buying tailored shirts online is that you can’t pick up the shirt, touch, feel and try it on as it has not yet been designed.

This biggest advantage though is that by buying tailored shirts online you are certain to get a guaranteed fit. Where you can also design the shirt to look exactly how you would like it. You can add your own designs from different cuts, styles, buttons, pockets and ect. Buying tailored shirts online allows you to get specific by allowing you to design and buy the exact type of shirt you are after.

Where the playing field is equal is price. So what would you rather, buying a shirt from a store where you can try it on first touch and see it. Or pay the same amount of money by buying a tailored shirt online which is guaranteed to fit you perfectly and you can design it yourself?

So you want to design yourself a tailored shirt to fit you, though you have no idea where to start when it comes to shirt collars.

Never fear though, in this post I am going to cover a few types of shirt collars for you and what occasion or events these types of collars are best for. For example when and where you should wear shirts with different types of shirt collars.

This will help you to understand what shirt collars you would like when buying or designing your next shirt for work, leisure, weddings and ect.

1. Small Pointed / Spread Collar

Of all the shirt collars the small pointed or spread collar is the most common or should I say popular. This shirt collar can be worn with or without a tie. The collar comes in many varieties from different angles, points or spreads. Which is the distance between the collar points.

The small pointed collar or spread collar is suitable for almost any occasion being work, dinner parties, cocktail dress events, weddings and the list is endless.

2. Cutaway Collar

Just as the name suggest, this shirt collar looks as though part of the collar has been ‘cutaway’. This is one of those shirt collars you need to wear a tie with as it simply looks strange without one. The most popular types of tie to wear with this type of cutaway collar are ties tied with a large knot covering the wide spread of the collar.

A cutaway collared shirt is more of a fashionable look and can be worn anywhere from red carpets even to conferences and boardrooms.

3. Round Collar

The round collar is a styled type of collar coming from the old English boarding school look where they used this to distinguish their students from other schools. This is an old school style in every aspect but is starting to become more trendy where this type of shirt collar can be worn without a tie.

Most shirts like this are seen worn as casual shirts and are not so much of a business look.

4. Wingtip Collar

A winged collar provides the image of the golden era of menswear clothing. Where the most common place to see the wingtip collar is at weddings or when wearing a tuxedo suit as the winged collar suits this style well.

Not as popular as many of the other shirt collars, the wingtip collar shirt should be worn with a tie and is mostly only worn at formal events with a suit.

For a more in depth insight to a particular collar you may be looking at getting on a shirt, please feel free to contact us where we can help you with our professional opinion.

Let me start this post by asking you, how many women do you know that wear a tailored women’s blouse?

Not many right?

Now how many ladies you know have completely different body shapes?

Almost every women has a different body shape than the next don’t they. Which is great, because a women’s body is beautiful and so unique in the fact that no two women’s torso’s are the same.

Which makes us here at Suit Me Up wonder why more tailored women’s blouses are not worn by any and all women for that matter? The only answer we could come up with is that most women don’t realize how cheap and easy it is to get a tailored women’s blouse. Especially compared to trying to fit into those one size fits all blouses that gets sold at your average department store.

The fact is though, why should women have to succumb to wearing those potato sack blouses made in China?

The answer is, women shouldn’t!

There are better alternatives, and we are not being biased to suggest that Suit Me Up is the only place with an answer for those women who not only want to look good but feel good.

Buying a tailored women’s blouse is becoming more and more accessible these days the more online tailors pop up all over the internet. The coolest thing about this is though, that a tailored women’s blouse costs just as much if not the same as those average blouses from the department stores.

The real benefit is that buy buying a tailored women’s blouse online is that you can measure yourself in the comfort of you home, do your shopping online and have your tailored women’s blouse sent right out to you at home.

That means for the same price as buying a potato sack shirt made in China from the department store, you can have your own tailored women’s blouse made to fit you and only you!

So women we urge you, to start looking sharper, smarter and feeling more confident by getting yourself a women’s tailored blouse to fit you and only you the next time you are due for a shirt.

The way the world is taking to technology these days everybody is ordering their mens custom suits online and for good reason! It’s cheaper, and delivered faster.

Though when ordering your mens customer suits online there are always a few things you you want to think about first in order to ensure you are actually ordering the perfect suit for you.

Which is why we would like to quickly cover for you 4 important steps to choosing and designing your mens custom tailore suits online.

1. Occasion

Before you even start designing your suit take a step back and think about what you really need this suit for. Is it for work or business? Maybe it is for black tie events, a wedding, the spring races or just a casual suit you would like to wear to dinner parties.

Making sure you know what the occasion will be for wearing your suit will help you to chose the right type of suit for that event.

2. Colour

For obvious reasons, when designing your mens custom suits online having the right coulour is very important. Which is why you want to know what occasion the suit is for too.

We suggest choosing lighter colours like light grey, navy and sometimes charcoal for office suits and more formal suits are generally a darker colour. Wearing a casual suit you can expirement more so with these types of suits and choosing a colour that best suits you would be a wise move.

3. Style

Now that you know when and where you want to wear your suit and you have the colour choice sorted. Choosing the style of your suit is something you want to pay close attention too as there are so many things to consider from the lapel, pockets, the amount of buttons you would like, back vents, the style of pants and the list goes on.

When designing your mens custom suits online, take your time to view all the options and create something that is completely tailored to your tastes.

4. Detailing

Last but not least is adding details to the suit, which is normally done to more formal suits for weddings and black tie events although detailing any suit makes the suit pop out more and really says a lot about the way you like to dress.

Detailing can be anything from inside embroidery to suit linings, satin lapels or pocket linings and even pick stitching with pocket detailing.

The cool thing about detailing a suit is you can go as fancy or traditional as you like. This is the biggest perk of ordering your own custom mens tailored suit online as you can tailor the whole suit to your tastes.

So when it comes time to designing your suit online, be sure to go through these 4 steps carefully to ensure you are designing the perfect suit of you. If of course you have any questions about suits or designing and order, please be sure to contact us where we can help you further.

When it comes to getting a suit made often we end up leaving it to the last minute where we then need our tailored suits made fast! The good thing about todays tailors is that tailored suits made fast is for more possible than the pre-internet days.

Now the tailors don’t need to spend as much time scheduling and attending to measurement appointments which used to always drag on longer than expected. By measuring people up so often it took time away from the tailors actually crafting the suits.

Since the internet has come along tailored suits are able to be made a lot faster due to many reasons. Once huge one being that the customer (you) can measure yourself at home according to the measurement guidelines and order your suit all online, from basically anywhere in the world. You could even order yourself a suit right from your office chair!

On top of that, tailored suits made fast are possible since the tailor can simply print out the order form the customer has created and get straight to work tailoring.

You also may be thinking that since these tailored suits can be made fast, what happens to the actual quality of the suit? Wouldn’t it be better for the tailor to take their time?

Which is an excellent point, however since that the tailors only have one job to do which is designing the suits as apposed to meeting for appointments, scheduling and doing admin work. The tailor has more time to created beautifully designed tailored suits and because they are always head down designing, the better they get at creating dapper pieces for all those people who are after a tailored suit made fast.

So before you rule out getting a tailored suit made last minute, be sure to check out our turn around times or ask us how quickly we can have you’re a tailor made suit designed for you and delivered to your door.

Generally we can provide tailored suits made as fast as 5 business days should we have the correct materials. You can contact us here for more information if you have any further questions on design, fabrics and time frames for when you may need your own tailored suit by.