Best Types Of Suits For Different Occasions 

We all know that one suit does not exactly ‘suit’ every occasion. No pun intended. Which is why we want to outline these 5 key types of suits for different occasions.

Whether you are dressing your suit up or down. If you need to have a very detailed and more formal suit all the way down to the casual suit and when to use it. We are even going to help you chose what is the best first date suit if you are looking to impress but not go over the top.

Office Suit

Obviously the office suit is not one of the types of suits for different occasions. It is a standard suit you would wear into and out of the office each day whilst also flaunting it at your meetings with colleagues or clients.

The office suit is usually pretty basic as many offices look down upon too much experimentation with appearance and that even stems beyond your clothes at times.

Where most office suits are generally a few of the same styled or cut suits in different fabric types although nothing too outrageous. Generally a grey, black or navy in various shades.

Adding a patterned shirt will spice the suit up a little around the office, although don’t go for something to eye catchy where you could start getting the wrong attention from your superiors.

Casual Suit

Basically the opposite of the office suit is the casual suit, which is all about style and comfort.

Wearing a casual suit allows you to mix things up and start experimenting, by wearing light chinos with a slightly darker jacket. Or a nice pair of jeans with a nice shirt and blazer.

Don’t be afraid to dress down the jacket either, play with different colours and work out what suits your casual suit style. This is one of those different types of suits for different styles where you can have fun with what you personally like to wear as a casual outfit.

Formal Suit

Whenever you are invited to a formal occasion, don’t lean towards the standard colours of black and white. Unless of course it is a black tie event where this is required. Instead having fun with more formal suits can still be done and look professionally formal.

You can go for something different by wearing brave colours and attractive accessories to get more attention and not blending in with the status quo. Having a different cut suit with out of the ordinary lapels, like a double breasted jacket, or even a single breasted jacket with one button would look nice.

You can choose to make a statement with your suit, or you can choose to go for the standard cuts and colours and keep out of the lime light. Whichever you choose, what makes a formal suit look best is that it sits well on the body.

Spring & Summer Suit

Being exciting and exploratory is what the spring races and summer suits are all about. More people dress up their spring and summer suits than any other suit, where most people like to go for the lighter colours, funky cuts, and stylish ties.

Accessorizing your spring and summer suit is a must too, by wearing a funky bow tie, or cool pocket square. But the most adventurous you can get with your spring and summer suit is by going for a different coloured fabric. Something that is lighter too like linen or cotton but stands out and looks seamlessly great on your body.

You can also dress up your summer suit should you wish, but don’t start breaking into the formal style. On the other hand, never be afraid to dress your summer and spring suit down with a nice pair of jeans, maybe even a super stylish pair of shorts if the occasion and weather calls for it.

First Date Suit

Last but not least, some people like to get well dressed for a date but don’t want to go over the top. Which is what the first date suit is all about, something that looks clean cut, crisp and allows you to hold yourself well.

The first date suit should be a blend of business casual and semi-formal. Meaning having the sharp look of a business suit, but still casual at the same time. A nice navy suit goes really well as a first date colour, although don’t be afraid to go for the black blazer with a pair of nice jeans.

A tie is not needed and keeps the date pretty loose an casual, although if you prefer to tie up go with something bold, like one colour. You don’t want to confuse your date by wearing a funky tie with elephants on it.

I hope I was able to shed some light on the different types of suits for different occasions. Now you can know exactly what to wear to which event and look amazing one way or the other.

What Is The Warmest Suit Fabric For Winter?

Winter is the time of year to put away those lighter linen suits and start wearing the warmest suit fabric suits you can get your hands on.

Not everybody has the luxury of having a great winter suit and when it comes time to make the investment, you want to ensure you are ordering the warmest suit fabric according to how cold your winter really is.

In Australia we get some quite cold winters certainly in the southern states where the warmest suit fabric is a great option. Which there is no denying that the best solution to the warmest suit fabric is wool. Leaving those lighter suit fabrics designed with linen, polyester, seersuck and full cotton on the rack. To ensure you stay toasty in the colder climates a full wool suit will be your best option as the warmest suit fabric. Though going for a blended fabric, for example a wool and cotton blend you will still be able to use your suit for winter ensuring it is still warm. However when the sun does come out beaming strong on an unexpected Melbourne day, having the cotton blend will keep the suit that little bit lighter.

You can go for other blends with wool, for example cashmere which can certainly be a very warm suit to wear. Though there is no going past the full wool as the warmest suit fabric of the bunch.

Choosing the warmest suit fabric, being wool is not only great for winter either. Wool as you may already know is very breathable and can be quite comfortable even when the weather decides to warm up.

If you are looking for the warmest suit fabric that can withstands all other seasons there is no such particular fabric diverse enough for that. Though adding a little cotton or something else to your suit fabric will help you to not just have the warmest suit fabric but something adaptable enough for slightly warmer days.

To learn more about our fabrics at Suit Me Up you can do so when selecting fabrics when designing your own garments, to do that click this link here. Or if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

5 Killer Tips For Maintaining Your Suit 

It’s always helpful to have a few tips for maintaining you suit to ensure it lasts. Especially if it is apart of your work wear attire, looking after it is a worth while investment.

Sure giving it to the dry cleaners either once a week, once a month or even after each wear (if wearing often is not common) is a good idea. Although with the investment you have made on your suit, it is certainly worth knowing a few little tips for maintaining it yourself rather than just passing it on to somebody else to take care of it.

On top of that over dry cleaning your suit will wear the suit out a lot quicker as this process takes some of the natural fibers out of it. Instead of forking out the cash for the dry cleaner every time and killing the suit far quicker. When your suit still smells fresh, spot cleaning it with a soft towel and warm water to eliminate small stains will keep the suit in good condition.

However when the suit does no longer smell crisp or clean, giving it to the dry cleaner is the best option.

To prevent going to the dry cleaners with your suit regularly, you could even invest in a steamer to press your suits yourself. Allowing you to not only save money, but prolonging the life of your suit.

On top of keeping your suit clean, we all know that one of the best tips for maintaining your suits structure is to keep it hanging. Whilst a wire coat hanger is good, to keep the great shape your suit has. Use either plastic or wooden hangers to help the suit hold its shape. When hung correctly like this, the suit after a day or two will naturally form to it’s original shape.

Keeping your suit hung for a few days will also permit the moisture to evaporate out of it allowing it to start smelling cleaner and fresher too.

For those seasonal suits you may have, like your warm winter wool suit that won’t be warn over summer. There is on great tip for maintain it before hanging that suit up for the summer or winter on a nice rounded hanger to keep the suits shape.

Be sure to have this suit dry cleaned first to get all the moisture and food particles out of the suits fibers. You don’t want insects getting at your dapper suit when you have it stored, it would be a disappointing moment pulling it out to wear and see the insects have done a number on it.

For those of you who are travelling with your suit/s, one of the most important tips for maintain your suits shape while travelling. Is to turn the suit inside out, place the shoulders together and roll it up from the bottom to the shoulders. Ensuring of course that you have the seams lining up to prevent creases in the wrong spots.

There you have it, 5 Killer Tips For Maintaining Your Suit to ensure you get the most out of it. If you have any further pro suit maintenance tips for us, please be sure to share by commenting below.

Finding Women's Tailored Blazers That Fit  

Is a women’s tailored blazers your answer?

Have you been looking for women’s tailored blazers because you are fed up with trying to find an off the rack blazer that sits just right?

We know it’s not easy finding women’s blazer that fit and there is a great reason for that. It’s because not every single woman is the same. Which means, why should women be forced to wear a one size fits all blazer off the rack from the big department stores?

Or for that matter, why should they over pay for a women’s blazer from a small boutique store, which still doesn’t fit perfectly even after spending all that cash.

There is no denying that each lady has a unique and beautifully shaped body. It would be a very boring world if we were all exactly the same right. But why do we still tend to go and buy boring blazers that are all the same?

The reason is because it is the easy option. Well it appears to be the easy option from the beginning by just going and picking up a blazer from the rack that is the closest thing to fitting you well. Quite often from there many women do the same as men and take that blazer to be altered to fit their body how they wish it should.

This means double handling, and double paying for your women’s blazer. But there is an easier solution. Designing your very own women’s tailored blazer where you can have it constructed just once to perfectly fit your body exactly the way you like it. The cool thing about buying a women’s tailored blazer now is that they are not expensive at all. Where the price of a women’s tailored blazer is comparable to those women’s blazers you can buy off the rack.

The difference is though, you can build your very own women’s tailored blazer online and have it delivered to you. Which means no shopping for various blazer cuts, fabrics and ect. It can all be done from your smart phone or computer.

So we urge you to not conform to the status quo and wear clothes that are generically built to suit the average of people. Instead of being average, decide to go for the more reasonable option and look into getting yourself a tailored women’s blazer.

If you would like to start designing your own online, you can do so by clicking here. Or if you have further questions and would like to contact us, please do so by clicking here. We are happy to help!

6 Men’s Tailored Blazer Styles  

With fashion ever changing there are always great new and even some old men’s tailored blazer styles you have to choose from. These styles can be worn at different occasions according to how formal, semi-formal or casual the event is.

There is one thing for certain though, and that is you can get any styled men’s tailored blazer for any event at all. Since the men’s tailored blazer can be dressed up, dressed down, look professional or as casual as you may like. So lets get started explaining the 6 blazer styles you should consider.

1. Bright

The bright tailored men’s blazer really makes a statement and is super fun to wear. Usually there are two different types of bright blazers. One being the lighter pastel type colours which are best suited for day time functions like the spring races, luncheons or cocktail and pool parties.

The other type of bright blazers are slightly darker than the pastels. Although still quite lively (like some light bright blues, greens and reds) and these blazers are best for night time functions or parties.

When wearing a bright blazer though, usually it is best to mix the blazer with a neutral coloured pair of pants; either trousers or chinos work well.

2. Structured

The best men’s tailored blazer in our opinion is the structured blazer, which consists of a snug fit being close to the body to maximize shape and show off the specific cuts of the blazer.

These structured blazers are a very sharp and sophisticated look, which go well with any lapel style. Usually the structured blazer will look modest and stylish with marginal details.

3. Un-Structured

The Un-Structured tailored men’s blazer just as you would have guessed is quite the opposite of the structured. Being more of an artsy and casual blazer, which is designed to fit the body but generally holds far less shape.

The un-structured blazer will still sit well on the shoulders however holds not much shape from the shoulders down being a more relaxed and chilled fit. Better for those casual occasions or to wear about town.

4. Single Breasted

This blazer is a well rounded tailored men’s blazer that can be worn to almost any event, from dinner with friends and family, to meetings with business partners, clients or colleagues.

This blazer can be in between structured and un-structured although always looks far more profession the more structured it is, fiting the body nicely boasting it’s cuts and sleek design.

5. Double Breasted

Many people don’t know how to feel about the double-breasted blazer. As it really is an out of the box style which not too many people can carry with confidence.

The double-breasted blazer is something different that can be trendy and still look amazing when dressed down in a pair of chinos. Many people may say the double breasted blazer is out, although it still gets a lot of great attention when worn to events.

6. The Fabric

The fabric is not a certain style of blazer although the fabric you choose will have a lot to say about how the blazer. From when it should be worn all the way down to how it will sit and look on the body.

You could choose a linen style fabric for the summer months, as it is far lighter allowing the fabric to breathe. Or for something a little classier is cotton, which still breathes however holds its shape much better giving a more professional look than linen.

Wool though is obviously by far the best fabric for a blazer, being naturally light and also warm when you need it during the winter months. This type of fabric for a blazer is perfect for work wear and formal occasions as it is able to hold it’s shape well.

When choosing your men’s tailored blazer style there is a lot to consider. By now though understanding what you are going to be using the blazer for will help you to eliminate all the styles you don’t need allowing you to choose the perfect style blazer for the occasions you will be wearing it for.