SuitMeUp is about making people feel better about themselves. 
We are about giving men and women the confidence to not only project professionalism, but feel confident – that you are the master of your own domain and the world is yours for the taking.
At its essence, this is what a bespoke suit is all about.

Human nature is brutal. Our nature dictates that a person judges you on your appearance first and your credentials second.  We don’t agree this is right, but there’s no arguing with nature.

Yet, rather than accept this reality and work on rebalancing the playing field, over 95% of Australian professionals choose to stick their head in the sand and pretend that the laws of the jungle aren’t relevant to them.

The result of this is it’s the other 5% who prosper.  It’s the 5% that understand that to succeed in your career you need to exploit every advantage, every shortcut and every leg-up you possibly can to get ahead of whoever is in the next office.  They realise that putting effort into their appearance isn’t a vanity exercise; it’s a concrete investment in their future.

So why does SuitMeUp exist? 

It’s simple – anyone would agree that they would feel better, more confident, in a suit designed just for them.  They would further agree that they would put in the effort if it improved their work prospects.  But it’s either too expensive, too difficult or too easy to put off until next week.

SuitMeUp exists for you.  We started this company because we want to excise the plague of indifference in corporate Australia. 

We don’t think it’s good enough that a person slap on a suit every morning that makes them look just average.  They’ve long since given up on impressing the bosses at HQ.  We’re here because you haven’t.

Before you next venture out in pursuit of a dull, boring, stock-standard, production-line, made-with-sweatshop-labour-in-Bangladesh-buy-one-get-the-second-half-price special, ask yourself this one simple question: Does this suit represent the best version of me?  And if it doesn’t, why are you wasting your time?